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We are considered as one of the best experts in the field of biomedical and scientific instruments. We provide a number of different services and solutions to customers from different industries. This includes healthcare industry, life sciences, chemical sciences, pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages etc.

ResMed airfit f20 full face mask for CPAP & BIPAP

Resmed Airfit N20 Nasal Mask for CPAP & BIPAP

astral 150 Resmed Life support ventilators

Non Invasive Ventillator stellar series ResMed

Gas Flow analyser for pressure and flow measurement in ventillator device IMT Citrex H3

BIPAP Non Invasive Ventillator Lumis series ResMed

Ventillator (Invasive &non invasive) Astral series ResMed

Biosafety Cabinet

Haier Intelligent ClassII,Type A2 Biosafety Cabinets
Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter System
Reverse centrifugal fan
Double-side air inflow design decreases running noise
Air velocity auto-compensation function guarantees    
      stable wind speed
Provide uniform airflow by adjusting working voltage 
      of fan.  
American AAF ULPA filter
Tested to a  typical efficiency of  99.9995% for 0.12
       micron particles  
Provides FED STD 209E class 1 (or ISO14644.1 
      class 3) clean air to work surface in a stable vertical   
      laminar flow to protect samples 
  The exhaust ULPA filter traps biohazard particles
      acquired from the work surface before air is
      exhausted to the room, offering personnel and
      environmental protection
Ergonomic Design
  The 10° angled viewing window improves
      comport and alleviates fatigue of operator
  75mm adjustable supporter  ensures correct
      height for different users
304 stainless steel operation
platform and internal wall 
  Stainless steel operation platform
      without screws, no accumulation of
  Dismountable air in-flow plate, easy to
      clean and disinfect 
  Concaved operation platform, waste
      liquid easily collected
  Draining valve is easy to clean and maintain
Biosafety Cabinets Air Quality Filtration Electrical Safety
EN 12469, Europe
SFDA YY-0569, China
Digital microprocessor control system  
  LCD display
  Real-time display of key parameters: downflow velocity,
      inflowvelocity, airflow volume, static pressure, negative pressure, 
      accumulative running time of fan and UV lamp, left lifetime of filter
  Sound & light alarming function
  UV sterilization reservation setting function
ISO 14644.1, Class 3,
US Fed Std 209E,
Class 1 USA
Professional air flow distribution
Through professional air flow distribution
design, the air flow of the worktable is more
uniform, with the noise
Intelligent constant air velocity
patent technology
The professional hot-bulb air velocity
transducer performs real-time monitoring
on the air velocity of the working area,
compares it with the standard air velocity,
and keeps the safety cabinet under
constant air velocity through adjustment of
the fan speed by microcomputer system 
V-shaped air inlet design
Swivel caster,
Internal thread support leg
EN-1822 (H14), Europe
ClassII, Type
A2 Biological
Safety Cabinets
The New Geheration
Intelligent Biosafety Cabinet
of Haier