Is any biomedical equipment in your healthcare facility not working properly? Is it not giving proper results? Has the equipment stopped working completely? It looks like the equipment need servicing and maintenance.

Nothing to worry! Just contact us! What you do not have a contract with us? So what? Even then we can assist you!

Opt for our on call maintenance services!

All that you need to do is call our experts. They will surely be able to give you the best possible solution. When you call our engineers for on-call maintenance they will first inspect the machine. They will analyse the exact issue with the machine. They will then give you a rough estimate and once you give the approval they will go ahead with the maintenance work.

Is it that there is no issue with the machine but you just feel that it needs maintenance? Then too you can call us. Our experts will carry out the complete maintenance and servicing of the equipment.

We have one of the best team of experts who are technically skilled. They have years of experience and will surely be able to provide the best possible services. For complete details about the different services that we offer get in touch with us now!