Our Presence

ATPL with unparalleled technical competencies and SOP bounded operations provides peerless equipment maintenance in the below area of spectrum.

Healthcare Sector

Research and Development



Life sciences

Chemical Sciences

Food and Beverage

Agricultural Sciences


What Aoratas do

Our team delivers an expansive suite of services. We have a devoted group of experienced and exceptionally talented experts who strive to deliver only the best quality services. They work hard to provide you with the highest standard of innovative solutions to our valued customers offering prolonged efficiencies and minimized cost.

Our specialists have a vast knowledge of equipment which implies they can suggest the suitable equipment and services for your business. Read more ..

Why Aoratas ?

For any healthcare facility, their biomedical equipment are the most important thing. The business of the healthcare facility depends in a big way on the biomedical equipment. It is not an easy thing to operate and maintain these equipment. It is a function which requires high level of expertise.

There are many aspects that need to be covered in the case of biomedical equipments. The equipment need regular calibration. Only then one can get the correct results. Read more ..

Consulting & Planning

Our consulting and planning teams help clients respond to these forces by identifying where they are today, where they need to be tomorrow, and most importantly, how to get there.

equipment planning

Biomedical equipment management is a technical aspect. It can be done smoothly only be a company that has proven expertise in this area.


Procurement of equipment and management can be a cumbersome task for the in-house staff. This, in turn, can affect their productivity.

Project management

The project management consultant will bear the responsibility of the entire project on his shoulder. He will have to analyse the business needs

quality accreditation

Healthcare facilities that have biomedical equipment need to be sure that the equipment are living up to the expected quality standards.